Finally, You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It!

Recently, we were one of 250 exhibitors at the NEC in Birmingham, presenting our platform to over 35,000 attendees at UK Construction Week. To make it special for our chosen House Developer guests, we negotiated 50 exclusive VIP Passes to the event. Of course, we could have simply dropped those invitations in the post, however, we decided that was way too boring and that they deserved just a little more fanfare than that.  Our starting point was to mirror our advertising message, that 39% of all house sales fall through* and as our operating hub accelerates the sales process, then we can save them massive wastage of their time, budgets and staff costs.

So, to drive home that message and make them cracker smile …

WE BAKED DELICIOUS CAKES – because who doesn’t like cake?!

The cakes had a big 39% wedge visually pointing out that’s a huge slice of waste, with their house sales falling through. Clearly, baking puns were the order of the day, including stating on the packaging that 39% of their sales team might as well loaf and that for 39% of their marketing spend, they end up with muffin.

One of our guys spent four days driving around the country to hand deliver those cakes to our VIP Invitees and the sales teams.  We had lots of House Developers thanking us and also dropping onto our stand to say hello.

Here’s a couple of pics to make your mouths water

Our next quirky marketing desk-drop will be for Christmas – so House Developers please keep your eyes peeled in early December.

Yourkeys: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread



*Property Wire 2018


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