How come you get the worst service, for the biggest thing you’ll ever buy in your life?

Why is it that when it comes to ordering a taxi, a takeaway, or even finding a date, there are slick easy-to-use apps and gadgets to make life easier; but for the biggest decision a person might ever make, customers are still lumbered with old-school services that actually add to the stress?

Ask anyone what the hardest thing they’ve done in their lives is; they’re likely to tell you it was buying their first home. Not only is it a big commitment, financially and emotionally, when buyers do decide to take the plunge, they can spend months going back and forth between agents, sales teams, solicitors, surveyors and the vendor before they even see a set of keys.

Not anymore. Finally, a service has come along that is going to shake up house buying for good.

We’re a team that knows the real estate market, and the problems in it. With that experience behind us, we’ve spent two years painstakingly researching the whole process from start to finish; talking to housebuilders, agents, marketing and sales staff, conveyancing solicitors, and of course buyers, to find out how the system can be brought into the 21st century.

Wherever we’ve found snags and flaws in the process, where buyers are being left in the dark, having to chase people, with no easy recourse when things are going wrong and wherever stakeholders are wasting their own time and money, we have set about fixing the problems.

The result: Yourkeys, a game-changer platform specifically aimed at buyers looking for new-build properties, the housebuilders that are selling them, and the various stakeholders involved in each deal. Yourkeys is a hub connecting all the people involved in the chain together, but it is more than that: it is a powerful digital tool that gives everyone clear visibility, easy access, and super-efficient connectivity to each other.

It works alongside existing stakeholders, not instead of them. Estate agents, surveyors, sales teams and solicitors are still vital to any deal, but with Yourkeys, everyone gets to work smarter and more efficiently. It removes the pointless delays and frustrating gaps in the transaction; the tedious waiting for one key person to respond or the agonising lack of information that a buyer needs to move the whole process along.

For agents, it is a way to work smarter. Rather than employing whole teams whose job mainly consists of corralling and hastening everyone along, bogged down in admin, with Yourkeys those people can focus on the essential jobs of meeting potential new buyers, marketing properties and getting deals done.

For housebuilders, it’s a way to do all this and to make big savings. A small monthly license fee can mean massive savings on a project: we estimate a saving of £750,000 in one 60-apartment development and it could be more, especially in the lucrative London market.

We’ve already got 10 major housebuilders on board and new properties going live all the time. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be adding more big names and more desirable resi properties to the site. This is already having an exponential effect: the more housebuilders, developers and agents on board, the more efficient the whole platform gets and the more everyone will gain.

A market crying out for change and innovation has finally got its 21st-century solution.

Here’s a video we created highlighting the key-points of the Yourkeys platform

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